Riding in winter presents a unique set of challenges and chief among them is the need to keep your hands warm. This means you should invest in some winter gloves!

Some experts suggest that, as main features, they should be waterproof and warm. They advise to choose gloves that include some form of protection as well. Therefore, make sure your gloves have a high quality thermal lining. We all feel the cold differently so while one person’s hand may feel toasty, another person may feel cold in the same gloves, but that will be more about circulation rather than the thermal lining not working. Also have a little space in your glove so you can trap a layer of warm air inside the glove, don’t wear winter gloves too tight. A windproof inner glove is also a great way to combat cold fingers but you will need a little more room in your glove to accommodate this extra layer.

Leather or textile? Obviously leather offers more protection but it may be affected by water more than a textile glove. However, leather gloves that use a waterproof membrane as well have the insert bonded to the inside of the glove so this stops saturation of the leather because it keeps water outside.

Feel free to check our wide range of gloves and come to visit us at Bikers World to be recommended to the best choice of your winter gloves.

At Bikers World we have a great selection of Badges, Buckles and Patches. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors.

We carry a wide range to suit everyone`s tastes, from the hardcore rider to the weekend rider!

We also offer a customised service for these products; you can bring your leather vest or jacket and we can easily hand sew your favourite logos and patches on it. We think there is something amazing about wearing a jacket that is unique, specially made for you, and just for you.

Some motorcycle enthusiasts selected the sport specifically because they enjoy the solitude of riding down the open highway with only their thoughts and the wind to keep them company. For others, this solitude, particularly on long trips, can become overwhelming. Bluetooth helmets make it easy for riders to stay connected to fellow travellers, while safely operating their bike and never having to remove their helmet.

Bluetooth devices are rapidly replacing older forms of short-range communication technology. They operate clearly, effectively, and with relative safety. Consumers hoping to add a Bluetooth device to their motorcycle gear have the option of either purchasing a motorcycle helmet that already features a Bluetooth device or easily installing one later. Nowadays there is a wide range of devices available on the market, click here to find the communication system we currently sell at our shop.

Having a Bluetooth device helps keep bikers connected in a number of ways. Amongst the 3 main advantages of these communication systems you can:

  • Listen to Music. The Bluetooth component itself it is compatible with most technology, including your mobile phones, MP3 players like iPod touch. You now can blast clear and digital music through your smart devices while riding.
  • Stay in Touch. You can wirelessly connect to other receivers. Almost all of modern cell phones are integrated to this feature. Whatever the case, you are able to make and receive calls to anyone you please having clear conversations with passengers or even traveling buddies who are within a reasonable distance
  • Never Get Lost. The Bluetooth technology operates under GPS navigation control so you never get lost or stranded anyplace you don’t want to be while riding. The GPS system connects to your headpiece for in-ear and turn-by-turn navigation, meaning that you don’t have to stop somewhere to ask for direction or search a map.

Visit us and ask more information on these new technology devices. You will enjoy your ride to the fullest by keeping you in touch with your buddies!


Find yourself spending a lot of time outside with your motorcycle lately? The start of the warm-weather cycling season can be exciting, but also dangerous if, in your rush to enjoy the sun, you don’t take proper precautions.

Why Choose Eye Protection?

The most important reason for choosing eye protection when riding a bike is that you’ll have a high risk of damaging your eyes without it. Whether it’s a flying piece of gravel, a rock, sand, or any other kind of debris – you don’t want something in your eye while flying down the road on your motorcycle. Not only can it damage your eyes, you can easily lose control of your bike if you find yourself not being able to see due to something in your eye.

What`s the best choice?

There is a big choice in what you use to protect your eyes. Whether it’s goggles, safety riding glasses or sunglasses, all of them help in protecting from the sun as well as riding free from damages.

The difference in choosing sunglasses or goggles is that goggles typically give you coverage that can extend over your prescription glasses and you don’t have to wear a visor or helmet shield necessarily. You also have the benefit that quite a few motorcycle goggles have lens that can be quickly changed to accommodate all types of lighting changes. Riding glasses instead have a foam insulation that surrounds the eyepieces to keep the wind out of your eyes.

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When buying Motorcycle Gear it is always a great idea to buy from a local company. In this way you can check in person the quality of the products, the fit and comfort, as well as be sure you get the right size. 

Here at Bikers World we have an extensive range of Motorcycle Gear and, considering your purchases are an investment in your safety, we recommend you to come into our store and try/ choose the products you are interested in. We will be more than happy to spend our time with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with the items you want to buy.

At Bikers World we try to stock a good range of brands, right through from the really well known brands to the new up and coming brands.   

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A lot of riders say they ride because its as close to nature as they can get. 
While travelling to a destination you can experience so many different elements in a short amount of time.
If you are out riding some country road on a Sunday morning, the sun is out you can smell the aromas from the fields,you can smell and feel things that you just would not experience in a car.

logo alpinestar
Alpinestars Street Riding Collection is designed for those that want to immerse themselves in the urban landscape, yet never go unnoticed.

Inspired by the passion that only two-wheels can provoke, Alpinestars Street Riding Collection balances practicality, comfort and protection with street-smart styles and aesthetics.

dainese gr

Dainese believe in designing protection and safety for Motorcyclist from head to toe. 

Dainese cover a great range of gear from Motorcycle Gloves to Boots and so on.

Dainese understand customers and their needs so when Dainese are designing products they take into account human movement, protection and design,  all these factors lead to a great and safe product.


Gaerne thrives to be the best, always looking for new ways to make a better product, always listening to our professional riders for valuable feedback, always looking to our suppliers for the very best materials. All of which translates into more value for our customers.

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