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At Bikers World we are now carrying Berik GPX Motorcycle Boots. The GPX Boot is waterproof and made from soft cow hide leather. They are designed with:

PU moulded plastic protectors,

Antibacterial and replaceable footbed,

Waterproof and breathable Microdry membrane,

Zip closure/ Velcro closure,

Airflow fabric.

Plus many more features. These are a great looking Leather Motorcycle Boot.



RJays RJays Motorcycle leathers were first released to the Australian market back in February 1990.

Even back then, the people behind of Rjays saw a need for a brand to be created that would truly suit Australia’s tough Motorcycle riding conditions.


Ixon creates its products, develops its own materials and controls its production in order to satisfy the consumers’ expectations.

The combination of five major aims enables Ixon to compete with the biggest brands on several levels
Design, Quality, Price, Safety, Service.

wiley x
Wiley X Eyewear have a great range of Motorcycle Sunglasses and Motorcycle Goggles, and Tactical Eyewear. They have industry leading standards that are achieved through precision manufacturing and state-of-the-art quality control.

The lenses are made from one of the world's most impact resistant lens materials.The frames are so strong that Wiley X customers have reported that the frames have stayed intact even when run over by a moving vehicle.

Kevlar Jeans are designed for Motorbike riders, Kevlar is a man-made fibre, which offers incredible protection against abrasions, cuts and heat. Kevlar is integrated into the jeans around the hip, knee and backside areas to offer you riding comfort with absolute protection.

Kevlar is a soft knitted, non-abrasive material that is comfortable against the skin and the fabric is unique in construction and offers breathability and flexibility.

Bamboo Textiles Australia trialled Bamboo for Australian and western conditions and lifestyles, the results were very successful.
Bamboo is a very logical choice of fibre, it has excellent strength, shape and stability.Bamboo is a great fibre for washing as it holds its shape and doesn’t shrink. Bamboo is exceptionally comfortable to wear and when worn against the skin any moisture is immediately absorbed.

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If you want great looking headgear for riding your bike then Zan headgear is the brand you want.  They sell a great range of gear that has been designed for Motorcyclist in mind.

Zan headgear cover Helmet Liners, Face Masks, Headbands, Balaclavas, Motley Tubs, Beanies and Caps.

A Lot of their gear has been designed that while riding it help you stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Not only is Zan Headgear practical but they have designed it to look great as well.

Zan headgear has been designed and is great for men, women and kids.

The Face Masks are made with weather resistant Neoprene, they are lined with stretch nylon trim. Stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

thomas cook


Thomas Cook began making Boots out of an inner suburb of Melbourne in 1924. He arrived from Fremantle, Western Australia as an orphaned 16 year old with big dreams of making a name for himself as a flyweight boxer.

Although he never achieved that fame, a lifetime of Boot making established a tradition of innovation and craftsmanship, and the Thomas Cook Clothing Company was born.

Thomas Cook have a great selection of Motorcycle Boots and once you try Thomas Cook you realise what great quality their products are. Their range includes Mens Motorbike Boots and Ladies Motorbike Boots.


At Bikers World we are getting a great selection of luggage for while riding your bike.

We are now carrying a good range of Shoulder bags, tank bags, rear bags, seat bags and hard tops.

Everyone has there own preference so whatever your needs are we should have a bag to suit.

There are different items of protection when riding a motorcycle, for example there is Kidney Belts, Armor Suits, Spine protectors and Knee Slides.
A Kidney Belt is designed to protect a person's vital internal organs from damage either from excessive strain or shock from a crash.
Kidney Belts provide stability and protection to the lower back area. In the event of impact Kidney Belts protect your lower back from impact across the surface of the belt and lessening the damaging effect.

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