Ladies Motorcycle Wear
Ladies ride bikes just like men do, so brands have developed riding / safety Motorcycle gear that not only fits Ladies but also looks and feels great on.

A lot of brands are realising that there is a need for Motorcycle clothing and accessories to fit Ladies properly, that Ladies take their riding and safety seriously. 

At Bikers World we stock a great range of Motorcycle Bags!

In our range we stock different styles, colours, sizes and designs. Colours range from Black to Olive. Made from Canvas, textile and Leather.

Come and see our last new brands Motodry and Oxford available in different models and created for all different needs.

Motorcycle Accessories
At Bikers World we have a great range of Motorcycle accessories, our range includes Belt Buckles, Patches for your vests etc and Badges. Styles to suit the novice rider right through to the hardcore rider. Buckles, Patches and Badges to suit the guys and girls, whatever style you have.
We also stock face masks, ideal for the rider who wears an open-face helmet.

At Bikers World we are now carrying a new range of long sleeve T -Shirts for the ladies.

These T-Shirts are great looking and the style and fit will flatter any female.

The range comes from HOT Leathers and these T-Shirts live up to the name, they will make you ladies feel and look amazing.

There is a great range of styles, designs and colours.

Ladies you can check them out on our T-Shirt page, or for the blokes who want a great looking gift for their special lady.

Sexy, Classic cut 60/40% cotton-poly blend top with a tapered waist and sleeves.

We are now carrying a few new Motodry Jackets including the Mens Stealth Textile Jacket which is a waist length sports touring jacket, fully ventilated mesh. Durable abraision resistant material. Zip in waterproof liner plus removable body armor. 

For the Ladies we have the Venice Textile Jacket which features a new woven mesh and Taslon material for maximum ventilation in warmer months. A vip out waterproof liner ensures you stay dry in wet conditions. Comes in Pink/Black or Silver/Black.

People often say that you cant understand the addition of riding a motorbike till you have experienced it and once you have felt that feeling the rest is history.

But for people who have never been on a bike its hard to explain the exhilaration, the freedom, the feeling of leaving the world behind you, just getting out there and riding cause that's what you love to do.

The joy of riding on the weekend through the mountains, feeling the power of your bike when you need it but also taking the time to take in the surroundings, enjoying the views, the fresh air, the feeling you don't get in the city.

Once people get a taste of riding, its in your blood and having the option to hop onto your bike whenever you want is the best feeling in the world.

Youth Riders are the future riders of our roads and its important to teach them the do's and dont's of riding, teaching them to be a safe and respectful rider.

Like in life, adults have to lead by example by not being an aggressive or dangerous rider.

Especially boys are living life hard and fast, and we must guide them to making the right choices, being out on the roads in the early years of there driving life is critical that they have an understanding of how dangerous power and speed can be especially when put together.

Lets help keep our younger riders safe.

When buying Motorcycle Gear it is always a great idea to buy from a local company so that you know what you are buying is right for you, for example you need to be sure you have the right size, fit and comfort.

Here at Bikers World we have an extensive range of Motorcycle Gear and considering it is an investment in your safety we recommend that you come into our store and we will spend the time with you to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase.

We have great customer service and the people who are selling to you not only know about the products but also have a great understanding of what they are selling.

We have riders selling to riders so they can help you with anything to do with riding safety.

The benefits of buying your Motorcycle Gear from a local company are extremely important to ensure the products you buy fit you correctly.

Many people purchase a Motorbike helmet that is not the correct size and fit and are riding on the roads with the wrong helmet.

Here at Bikers World, we will fit you correctly and ensure you have the right gear for your bike and situation.

Do you mainly ride alone or do you get together with other riders and see this great state of ours?

A lot of people start riding purely for the convenience of it but once riding a motorcycle gets into your blood often that's when people really start to get out and explore riding, explore the roads, sites and countryside.

Often people join Motorcycle Clubs to meet other people with the same interest in Motorbikes, it is a great way to learn about bikes, learn about great rides around your area and to go exploring.

Get out there, enjoy and safe riding.

At Bikers World we have a great selection of Shark Helmets ON SALE! 

If you are in the market for a new helmet or are thinking about buying a helmet as a gift now is the time to come into Bikers World and we can show you through our range.


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