Since 1971 HJC has specialized in manufacturing motorcycle helmets exclusively. HJC work continually on providing safe, comfortable, high quality, stylish and affordable helmets.

HJC is proud that their helmets are constantly tested in both laboratory testing as well as in ‘real’ life for quality assurance.

HJC is only one of a very few helmet companies that are equipped with its own wind tunnel testing laboratory, to test for aerodynamics. 

All HJC Helmets are SNELL and DOT certified.With a wide selection of helmets in the mid to high price range, HJC has expanded consumers’ choice in helmets.
HJC are always expanding their range of helmets and have developed a range of helmets to cover Motorcycle riders at all levels.


RJays motorcycle range was first released to the Australian market in 1990. RJays saw a need for a brand to be created that would suit Australia’s tough motorcycle riding conditions. 

People have come to recognise that RJays take care in the development and eventual production of their helmets.RJays are really competitive in the motorcycle helmet market.

They have been extremely popular due to the level of comfort, style and protection for the price.
RJays have been servicing the Australian Motorcycle public for just over 20 years and they offer many models with a major emphasis on being the best value at each level, whatever the needs of each customer are, RJays will have a helmet to suit.




Nolan Helmets Beginning production in the 1970’s, Nolan Helmets began using sophisticated materials to bring optimum performance to motorcycle riders at a competitive price.

Over the years they have raised the performance level of their products, ensuring at the same time they would comply with the strictest regulations.

All the stages in the production cycle are managed within the company, from the receipt of materials right through to testing the products and their eventual packaging.

The two biggest assets of the company are its unique technical and production skills and its strive for innovation.

Nolan Helmets now offer a wide range of products, designed for any kind of rider, and they are able to meet the needs of all customers.




Wiley X Eyewear, a leading provider of protective eyewear and ballistic products for the military, outdoor sports enthusiasts, Motorcyclists and the safety and shooting industries.

Wiley X Eyewear have designed state of the art technology with there sunglasses having Climate Control frames, Light Adjusting Lenses, Changeable frames, Polarized Lenses, Top Down Ventilation.

The sunglasses are designed with a Shatterproof Multiple Lens System and are High Velocity Protection Certified and Prescription ready.


wiley x


When you consider it, bamboo is a very logical choice of fibre for many items of clothing. As well as having excellent strength, shape stability, washability, colorfastness, shrink fastness and being exceptionally comfortable against the skin, bamboo fibre also boasts the following:

* Naturally bacteria inhibiting 

* Particularly absorbent and breathable

* Grown and manufactured without the use of harsh insecticides, serious pollutants or land degradation.

It is only in relatively recent times that the technology was developed to separate and utilise bamboo fibre for  textiles. Thousands of years ago China introduced silk to the world – made from the thread of the silkworm.

This was a mighty development and to this day silk is still one of the highest quality fabrics available. Now China, also with inputs of technology from the West, has shown the world a new kind of fabric,



A few years ago I sat talking to my brother about a shop to sell bike gear in Queensland, today he has Bikers World. Little did I know it would end up were it is today. 

I also didn’t know I would end up trying a lot of his new products.  Being the member of a bike club I spend a lot of time on the road. 
His latest was a pair of jeans with 40% Kevlar sewn into the fabric. I refused to fall off on purpose, but did find out they are very comfortable and also water resistant. I travelled 6 hrs in constant rain and was very surprised that I kept reasonably dry.  
Being a little old school I asked for a Brando leather jacket. The new one he has in stock is probably the best I have worn, good leather and it kept me dry and warm on the same 6hr ride.
Take care and keep safe.


President VVMC Gippsland Chapter


XRH is an Australian owned company and they have been making helmets since 1998. All of the XRH Street legal motorcycle helmets meet or exceed the Australian Standard for safety.

XRH are always searching for the latest technology to incorporate into their products.

XRH has an extensive knowledge in the manufacturing of helmets.  XRH are committed to providing an outstanding product, paying close attention to all facets of the process, from demanding the manufacturer uses the highest quality in raw materials to the organisations they use for their certifications

XRH have made a range of Street legal helmets that whatever your needs are XRH have a helmet for you.




We now have the New 2012 range of Shark Helmets.

Shark constructs its helmets under a hi-tech manfacturing process, placing safety first.


Shark have designed a great range of helmets and the 2012 collection are not only above all the safety standards but also look great in the design, graphics and colours.

Shark S600:  The New Shark 2012 model, S600 is for people looking for efficiency and quality at a very competitive price. Thermoplastic injected shell, Anti - scratch 2.2mm visior. Removable and washable inside paddings.


Shark S700:  Built on the same base as the S900, the S700 looks and performs great at a very competitive price. Thermoplastic injected shell, Optional adaptable sunshield, Anti- scratch 2.2mm visor. Removable and washable inside paddings. Integration of the sun shield in this series. Shark have now added a New Ventilation System to the S700 which was once only used in the Shark S900. Great value for your money.

At Bikers World we have a great range of styles, colours and sizes.



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