When buying Motorcycle Gear it is always a great idea to buy from a local company. In this way you can check in person the quality of the products, the fit and comfort, as well as be sure you get the right size. 

Here at Bikers World we have an extensive range of Motorcycle Gear and, considering your purchases are an investment in your safety, we recommend you to come into our store and try/ choose the products you are interested in. We will be more than happy to spend our time with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with the items you want to buy.

We have a great customer service and the people who are selling to you not only know about the products but also have a great understanding of all their technical features. It deals with riders selling to riders! :-) therefore they can help you with all your requests, questions, doubts you might have. The benefits of buying your Motorcycle Gear from a local company are extremely important to ensure the products you buy fit you correctly and allow you to ride safe. As an example, many people purchase a Motorbike Helmet online without even trying it on or having the right knowldege of the product, riding on the roads with a completely wrong and unsafe helmet.

Here at Bikers World, we will fit you correctly and ensure you have the right gear for your bike and situation.



Our team


 Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned rider our staff are trained to make you feel at ease and get you into the right gear for your needs.