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Discover a new dimension in biking by fitting the exclusive N-Com B901 communication system in your Nolan helmet.

Installation is simple and user-friendly, and only takes a few minutes. Precision design for installing the B901 system ensures that the comfort and fit of your helmet is unaffected. The keypad has a special ergonomic design, which ensures easy operation even when wearing motorcycle gloves.

Discover the innovative Auto ON-OFF system. You no longer have to switch off the N-Com manually because the integrated movement sensor switches the B901 off automatically after 30 seconds if no helmet movement is detected. When you put the N-Com, or your helmet, back on, the B901 switches itself on and automatically reconnects to all paired up devices.

B901 is your reliable travelling companion. On solo trips, the FM radio, with 6 station presets, will keep you company. You can also listen to your own MP3 music or spoken directions from your GPS sat nav.
When you're on the road with friends, the patented integral antenna enables you to communicate at a distance of up to 500 metres. The B901 integrates perfectly with the lines of the helmet, so the aerodynamics are unaffected.

The Universal Intercom function allows communication with all Bluetooth systems in the N-Com range, and even with intercom systems from other makers.

The B901 is fully compatible with our N-Com App, which is available for the iOS and Android operating systems. The App enables you to configure your N-Com and connections, and make adjustments.

Everything is simple and intuitive - making calls with your mobile phone, talking with your pillion passenger or other bikers, and listening to music on your MP3 player or instructions from your GPS sat nav. Other features:

  • Bluetooth connection with two mobile phones
  • Auto ON/OFF by movement sensor
  • Voice prompt: System voice instructions

Compatible helmets: N100-5 - N104 Evo - N87 - N44 - N40

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